Vacations don’t grow on trees

Palm TreeVacations don’t come cheap. Unless you camp on public land and eat beans and franks from dawn til dusk. Most people actually have to save for their dream vacations and weekend getaways. Even the people who pay their bills on time.

By the time you pay for a few nights at a hotel, a few meals and some entertainment, $500 (or more) flies from your wallet or stings your credit card like little bees on the loose. Planning a week-long getaway? That’s great. Now you’ve got to fund a small fortune.  But that’s ok, it’s not that hard if you have the right thinking in place.

Since vacations don’t grow on trees, that means it’s time to think about a savings plan. First, consider good ol’ financial advice sure to bring you closer to your goal. Pay yourself first. It doesn’t take much money to set aside before you have a lump sum of cash. It could be $25 per paycheck or $250, either way, if you save consistently each month, soon your vacation fund will fatten up.

Odd jobs could push you into the final stretch. Recently I took on a few dreadful projects that left me feeling drained and unappreciated. The pay was nothing to brag about, but the savings I accumulated from these small projects beefed up my bank account faster than I imagined. Instead of complaining about the work you like or want, remember it could double as a small treat you give to yourself.

Savor what it feels like to say “NO.” Each time you’re tempted to buy a chai latte a la cart or a beef jerky from the gas station convenience store, remember that you’re saving for something that tastes even better–a vacation.

I hope these small tips help someone who feels like their vacation is slightly out of reach or completely abysmal. With a little discipline and a lot of determination, soon you’ll be holding a passport in one hand and luggage in the other.

Let me know if you’ve managed to save for your future getaway.

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