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The Source–Urban Market Shows Off New Digs

Want to try a new hip spot in Denver’s RiNo (River North Art District) urban locale? Grab some friends and experience this casual Source_StoreFrontenvironment where you can sample appetizers at Comida and Mondo Market.
Peruse the blooms at Beet and Yarrow Florist before you leave.

Mixing it upOr round up some friends for happy hour and see what mix-ol-o-gists are shakin’ up  behind the bar at CapRock Farm Bar. Be sure to try their CapRock line of white whisky.

If you’re not as adventurous with the cocktails, just do what I did–order a vodka tonic–straight up.


Want to add something new to your wine collection? Just check in at Proper Pour and they will help with your selections. I wonder if or when they do wine tastings. Might want to inquire on that one.

Too early for drinks? Then hang out with the folks roasting beans at Boxcar Coffee. Ask about their 1930’s German roaster. With its eclectic mix of shops, it’s fun to walk around this former steel works building and experience its transformation.

Located at 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver.

Novelty Trumps Size at Legendary Baby Bar –Spokane, Washington

Sometimes big surprises show up in small packages.  When I stumbled onto this cool little lounge in Spokane, Washington called the Baby Bar, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  When I first heard about the place, my imagination ran wild. I wondered if I’d find toddlers sitting at the bar requesting apple juice fizzies with little cherries floating on top. Or perhaps the owner, Patty Tully, would serve my Cabernet in a Sippy cup—then offer me a bib since I have a history of spilling wine.  Neither happened, but I still enjoyed sipping Cab from the stemless wine glass while Tully kept me company with her undeniable sense of humor.  For those who prefer regular wine glasses, just ask, Wine Glassthey have that too.  You know you’ve got the right place when you see the unmistakable artistic rendition of the man who resembles Jesus—whether it’s him or not–I have no idea.  But it’s just one more quirky little find at the Baby Bar.

While I’m no fan of bucket lists, (they’ve become too cliché) if I had to recommend a novel spot to enjoy drinks , I’d say, hit the Baby Bar. But leave the kids and the pacifers at home. Tully has you more than covered with her big smile and warm hospitality.

Address:  827 W. First Ave. | Spokane, WA, 99201